Music Control VH1 Save the Music

Music Control supports VH1 Save The Music


This month, 20% of Music Control's profits will benefit the VH1 Save The Music Foundation in their efforts for the restoration of music education in public schools. Read more »


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Get Music, Give Music

Get Music Control from the Mac App Store and Give Music education back to the kids!

What is Music Control?

Music Control combines your favorite music platforms into one convenient app available from your Mac menu bar!

Command playback by switching seamlessly between iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio!

Music Control User Interface
  1. See artwork, artist, album
    and song titles in one
    place for any playing app.
  2. Switch between playback
    sources and seamlessly
    keep up with what's playing.
  3. Play, pause, skip, and
    adjust volume for each app
    with a beautiful interface.

Search for your favorite artists and get real time results for all supported players in one place!

  1. No more digging through
    long lists or switching
    between players.

    Combined search results
    make it easy to find what
    you want to hear.

    Start playing an album by
    selecting a player.
  2. Use the built-in search to
    quickly find all of an
    artist's available albums
    across all your players.

View and control other Macs on your local network.

  1. Connect and control remote
    playback for iTunes, Rdio,
    Spotify, and Pandora
  2. All the same features and
    capabilities as local playback.
  3. Automatically detect other
    Macs on your local network
  1. Works a treat on Snow Leopard, Lion & Mountain Lion.